The old man’s spring moisture is seven wet and the coup is taken away.

The old man’s spring moisture is seven wet and the coup is taken away.

Pay attention to keep warm and cold, can’t sloppyly experience a cold in winter, many old people hate heavy clothing, so when the warmth is still cold, some elderly people can’t wait to take off their long pants and warm pants.Thin pants, large temperature difference between day and night, the temperature rises, it is easy to cool the legs, cold and wet invasion, rheumatism and bone pain, these old problems must be committed.

Exercise for the body, try not to wear shorts to wear long pants, to prevent the wind from hitting the legs, otherwise, it is easy to cause legs and numbness.

Many old people have the habit of morning exercise, exercise, especially running, often the body will be hot, easy to sweat, so some old people will wear shorts to exercise, in fact, the legs generally do not sweat, there is no need to wear shorts exercise.

The elderly’s living room should be kept dry to prevent excessive indoor extension.

When you go back to the Nantian room, the old man rests in the room for a long time, and his legs are tired and paralyzed.

In terms of specific measures, the elderly should try not to live on the first floor, because the first floor is most vulnerable to moisture; indoors take measures to ensure drying; after the quilt and other warmth on the bed, it should be dried or dried.

Ai can relieve the chills and numbness of the cold. Therefore, you can do Ai Yu on the legs and legs every day.

Now there is an Ai-presence device on the market, and it is easy to operate without pain.

Fire therapy is an extremely effective way to relieve the pain of cold and numbness. If you don’t have psychological fear, you can directly take the cotton ball and alcohol to quickly smear in the acid and hemp area.

If you have psychological fear, let other people use a towel to separate them.

Hot water soaking is also a good way to relieve acid and numbness. It can be directly washed with white water to wash it. It can also be washed with white wine, garlic (baked) and ginger.

Salt application is also a good way to get rid of the acid and numb. Go to the market and buy some kind of edible coarse salt, then fry the pan, put it in a tight cotton bag, tighten the bag, and then take it.The cloth bag is repeatedly ironed back and forth in the sour bean, cold and then fry, and ironed every day before going to bed, every 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

In addition to taking treatment or mitigation measures, but also pay attention to the diet, often do some healthy bones and sputum and dampness food, such as cooking can add a little pepper and ginger in the replacement, stewed Basil EucommiaBone soup to drink.