Why post-90s girls like to wear alternatives

Why post-90s girls like to wear alternatives

Nowadays, there are some girls in “fantastic clothes” everywhere on the street, and some of them are just junior high school students who have just entered adolescence.

Adolescent girls have gradually developed and started to pay attention to their appearance and appearance.

A major feature of post-90s puberty girls is that they like some eye-catching outfits, which can be distinguished from the crowd at a glance.

    Some of the “non-mainstream” dresses of post-90s girls are a bit special in the eyes of the public. What is the reason for them to dress themselves like this?

There are two possible reasons.

  One reason is that post-90s adolescent girls pursue rebellious, free lives.

Rebellion is a major feature of adolescent psychology. This feature makes post-90s girls like to wear eye-catching outfits, making people see their differences.

  Another reason is that post-90s adolescent girls use this method to make up for the anxiety in their hearts.

Too many girls intentionally create novel images, and the subconscious is trying to repeat the uneasiness in their hearts.

A Japanese professor of psychology believes that if a person has a weak sense of boundary, in addition to feeling different from others, it is difficult to grasp how far away from others.

As a result, they often feel uneasy about their interactions with others and feel uncertain about their lives.

In order to maintain their own safety, they must wear different styles, even exaggerated clothes, and artificially draw a line from the outside to ease their inner anxiety.

  Post-90s girls need to know that if someone dresses up has a bad association with your identity, it means that your dress is out of fashion.

Moreover, Shakespeare once said: If we are silent, clothes and body shape will pass through the past experience.

Therefore, no matter you are pursuing personality or catching up with the trend, it is best to choose a costume that suits your age and identity so as to add points to beauty.

  Adolescence is an important period in the development of life, and the pursuit of personality can be achieved in a more positive way than through clothing.

Post-90s girls who love beauty can wear their favorite clothes, but as mentioned above, it is best to wear clothes suitable for them, then they will be more beautiful.