Save Dry Muscles!

Complete guide to repairing sebum film


Save Dry Muscles!
Complete guide to repairing sebum film

Air pollution, radiation, ultraviolet rays, etc. are hurting our skin every day.

And our first line of defense against these foreign injuries is our sebum film.

It covers the skin surface, which can prevent the skin from drying out and make the skin soft and elastic.

It can be said that it is the most natural “lotion”.


hzh {display: none; }  皮脂膜,是一种看不见摸不着的物质,由皮肤内的水分、油脂、皮脂蛋白、角质细胞组成,是一种水的形式,但又溶在角质层内.

The sebum film has a great responsibility. It is responsible for protecting the skin’s natural moisturizing factors and external damage, and preventing the loss of moisture inside the skin, while maintaining the skin’s moisture.

It is no exaggeration to say that the hydrolipidic film is responsible for moisturizing the skin.

  The contribution of sebum film to the skin: 1. Barrier effect. Sebum film can prevent the skin’s transitional evaporation, and prevent large amounts of external moisture and certain substances from penetrating. As a result, a large amount of skin remains normal.

  2. Moisturizing the skin, the lipid part of the sebum membrane reconstitutes the skin to be flexible, smooth, and shiny; the water in the hydrolipid membrane transfers the skin to keep it moist to prevent dryness and cracking.

  3. Anti-infective effect Some free fatty acids in the sebum membrane can induce the growth of certain pathogenic microorganisms and have a self-purifying effect on the skin.

  Sebum membrane damage manifestations: 1, the skin appears red, and even sensitive.

  2. The skin feels dry and tight after cleansing.

  3, especially prone to pigmentation.

  4. The skin is dry and dehydrated, even dull, and loses its elasticity.

  The three main culprits that cause sebum membrane damage1. Wash your face repeatedly and cleanse your face excessively.

  Excessive cleansing, especially cleaning products using alkaline ingredients, will not only break the acid-base balance of the skin, cause bacteria to enter and water loss; excessive sebum will be destroyed, but it will stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands.For the eyebrows that are prone to acne, it is even worse.

  2. The skin PH value cannot be balanced. The sebum film is naturally weakly acidic. Cleaning the skin with ordinary tap water will cause natural damage, so be sure to use skin tightening water to adjust the skin PH value.

  3. The thinner the sebum film is at higher age, the sebum film will become thinner and thinner with age, and the health is not as good as before, which can easily cause sensitive substances to invade the skin.

  Corresponding measures of sebum membrane damage of different skin types: 1.

Dry skin: The skin stratum corneum is thinner, the amount of oil secreted is less, and prone to dehydration.

The skin is tarnished, and various skin problems such as lack of water and stains appear, and the hydrolipidic film is seriously harmed.

  Solution: Pay attention to moisturizing after washing your face. Dry skin is originally dry. In addition, the severe winter weather makes the skin dry and dry, and the dry skin is dehydrated and oily. Moisturizing work can only be more or less.

  A cream suitable for dry skin to build a sebum film: Nuxe Water Lily Youth Special Cream 370 yuan / 50ml skin instantly becomes silky, feels comfortable, smooth and soft, and even very dry skin will restore moisture after use.

Fine lines gradually disappear after being used, the skin looks radiant and the contours of the face become younger.


Oily skin: The reason why the face is shiny, in addition to strong oil secretion, but also because of lack of water.

Insufficient moisture in the sebum membrane destroys the normal physiological environment of the sebum membrane, darkens the complexion, has large pores, and notices blackheads, which easily causes acne and produces acne marks.

The skin is in a sub-healthy state with an imbalance of water and oil.

hzh {display: none; }  解决方案:选择温和不刺激的洁面产品。Oily skin lacks water and oil, so moisturizing is essential in skin care procedures. A moist, non-greasy lotion is the best choice for rebuilding sebum film for oily skin.

  235 yuan / 30ml unique crystal liquid formula to adjust the skin’s water-oil balance, improve the “dryness of the outer oil and the inside”, and create the skin’s water-oil balance.

Soothes irritation and reduces skin sensitivity.


Mixed skin: imbalance of sebum film, dry limbs, T-zone oil, uneven skin tone, and the dual characteristics of dry skin and oily skin.   Solution: The moisturizing work of mixed skin should be carried out in zones. The water and oil balance in the T zone and the moisturizing and hydrating zone in the U zone. In particular, the use of functional products such as whitening and freckle should be avoided, otherwise the lipid film on the skin will be damaged.serious.

  A cream suitable for sensitive and combination skin, a sebum-proof cream, Liridan Soothing Cream 230 yuan / 40ml. Use SERENACTIV to improve skin tolerance for a long time.

After applying the treatment 2 times / day for 1 month, it reduced erythema, edema, and dryness by 75%, and reduced burning, dryness, itching, and tingling sensation by 88%.


Red-blooded skin: The sebum film is relatively easy to damage, the skin stratum corneum is thin, the two chests are red, sensitive, and the skin is poorly tolerated.

  The solution: Repairing sebum membranes also requires repairing red blood cells. Skin care products replace mild, non-irritating, plant-based products.

  A cream suitable for red-blooded skin to build a sebum film. Euclid Botanical Repair Spray 245 yuan / 150ml instantly dilute red blood-blood, triple botanical essence repairs red blood capillaries.

It has remarkable repair and maintenance effects on red bloodshot skin, and is mild and insensitive.